rafting in kullu

Now a day’s River rafting in Kullu-Manali became an incredible adventure activities among the tourists. Our Rafting guides are experienced and responsible always try to make your experience good and safe.

Best Time to Experience

The best season when rafting can be done is from end of April to June and mid-September to mid-October, depending on the water situation.

rafting stretches

All Stretches are in High Rapid Areas, Which Let you Experience the Best Thrilling Experience

  • Length                      :                    6 km
  • Estimated Time         :                    30 Min
  • Start Point                 :                    Bajaura
  • End Point                  :                     Jhiri
  • Price                         :                     300 Per Person
  • Length                      :                    8 km
  • Estimated Time         :                   40-50 Min
  • Start Point                 :                    Sharabai
  • End Point                  :                     Jhiri
  • Price                        :                     ₹400 Per Person
  • Length                      :                    12 km
  • Estimated Time         :                    1h 15Min
  • Start Point                 :                    Bhunter
  • End Point                  :                    Jhiri
  • Price                          :                   ₹550 Per Person

A Group Consists Of 20 Or More Than 20 Persons

  • Short Stretch                     :                    ₹250 Per Person
  • Medium Stretch                 :                    ₹300 Per Person
  • Long Stretch                      :                    ₹350 Per Person

A Group Consists Of 8 Or More Than 8 Persons

  • Short Stretch                     :                    ₹1500 
  • Medium Stretch                :                    ₹2000
  • Long Stretch                      :                   ₹2500

difficulty levels

Easy Beginner-
Rivers with Class I flat water interspersed with occasional Class II rapids: waves 1-2 feet high. Using a self-guided watercraft is an option.

Beginner –
Intermediate- Rivers with Class I – II water interspersed with Class III rapids: waves usually 2-3 feet high, passageways contain some obstacles. Rapids are challenging but not overwhelming.

Rivers with Class I – IV+ water interspersed with long, tumultuous Class V rapids: 5-8 foot drops and obstacles that must be avoided. Falling out of the raft means an extremely difficult and potentially hazardous “swim”.

Rivers with Class I – III water interspersed with occasional Class IV rapids: waves and drops 4 feet high and sometimes higher, difficult passageways containing some obstacles. Unintentionally falling out of the raft may mean an uncomfortable “swim”.

Intermediate –
Advanced- Rivers with Class I – IV water and more difficult Class IV+ rapids: 4-5 foot waves and drops, complicated by difficult passages containing obstacles that require quick, precise maneuvering. Falling out of the raft and “swimming” in a rapid will be difficult.


bY bUS

Blue Diamonds Adventure is located at Jhiri Nature Park which is the nearest rafting point from Kullu .The transport venture from Delhi to Manali is 550 kilometres, and it is suggested to book your tickets in the air-conditioned Volvo coaches, as these buses are more comfortable keeping in mind the long journey.


The closest airport to Kullu-Manali is at Bhuntar, found roughly 50 kilometres far from Manali. Domestic flights join Bhuntar with Delhi and Chandigarh. Once at the air terminal, you can take a pre-paid taxi to Kullu-Manali. Be that as it may, owing to climate conditions, flights are not the most dependable alternative for getting to or out of Kullu- Manali.


The drive up to Kullu-Manali is simply amazing! You can get grand looks of the bordering mountains and valleys from each turn that the twisty tough street tosses you in. Despite the fact that a great deal of vacationers inclines toward a self-drive up to Kullu-Manali, it is fitting to procure a taxi in the event that you are not happy with driving in rocky areas.

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